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A B O U T   U  S


Welcome to Eco-Bru!

We are a zero waste shop and wholesaler. All products are: stylish, sustainable, BPA-free, organic and vegan friendly product, with 100% recyclable zero plastic, zero waste packaging.

We believe that biodegradable, recyclable products should be beautiful and efficient as any other. Hence our creation, Eco-Bru.

We boast unbeatable customer satisfaction, so should you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact us.


Let's save the planet one brush at a time.


M O R E  A B O U T   U  S

About Us:

We have been lucky enough to travel and this opened our eyes to what us (as a human race) are doing to our planet. We wanted to make an impact but had no idea how to go about it. Once we returned home, we started selling (on a very small scale) a variety of zero waste alternatives to everyday products as a secondary business, whilst working full time. This lead us on to thinking deeply about how we could make a more monumental change. Inspiring further research into developing our own brand and delving into the bamboo toothbrush market. We felt there was a real gap for the right product and our aim was to create a zero-waste bamboo toothbrush that was just as aesthetically pleasing as a plastic brush, cleans in the same way, and is not dissimilar in price. With our brand Eco-Bru Ltd, we want to help clean our planet one toothbrush at a time!

About The Products:


WHY BRUSH WITH ECO-BRU BAMBOO? Bamboo is the world's fastest growing plant and can grow up to 91 cm (35 inches) per day. It is also naturally anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

HIGH QUALITY AND STYLISH- Here at Eco-Bru we believe that just because you have a bamboo wooden toothbrush, you shouldn't have to compromise on style or quality. Hence our ergonomically designed, round handled, beautifully crafted creation with durable bristles and stunning packaging.

MULTICOLOURED PACK OF 4 - Our medium bristle natural toothbrushes are perfect for families, with varying coloured bristles and handles (Red, Blue, White and Yellow). Following dental guidelines for optimal hygiene and cleanliness, brushes should be changed once every two - three months. So for a family of four this pack would last you two - three months but for an individual from this one pack you could have 12 whole months of brushing!


Perfect for Travel:

Our stunning multipack of non plastic toothbrushes come in a large outer and 4 inner cardboard boxes. All completely natural and recyclable. This makes them perfect to take away on holiday. It gives you the option to take them as individual brushes or as a whole set for the family. Having the added bonus of peace of mind, knowing that wherever your toothbrush and packaging is disposed of, the environment will remain untouched.

Why Recycle:

Almost 50 million pounds of plastic toothbrushes make it to our landfills every year. All that plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and can even leak pollutants into the surrounding soil and water. If you care about oral hygiene and environmental safety, swap your plastic-based toothbrush for a sustainably-grown bamboo alternative. Let us make a difference together.


How to Recycle:

The only compostable bristles currently on the market are hairs shaved off pigs or horses (although many companies now are trying to claim their bristles are plant based, it is only a tiny percentage of the bristle in actual fact, which is both misleading and ethically wrong). We thought, as most people don't want to brush their teeth with animal hair, our bristles are the next best alternative! Made of recyclable BPA-free nylon; our brushes are sustainable, animal-friendly and suitable for vegans.

How we recommend to recycle is to pull out the bristles, put them in the recycling and compost or upcycle the wooden handle, get creative with your bamboo toothbrush, send us your pictures of how you're upcycling our brushes. Let's enjoy recycling together, spread the word using: #brushupyourplanet


About the Manufacturer:


Our manufacturer is SGS certified, to ensure; the factory meets environmental laws, all workers are paid fairly, their working environment is in compliance with national and international law and to have certification on the sustainability of the purpose grown bamboo farm used to manufacture the products.

Our Promise to you:

We believe that biodegradable, recyclable products should be beautiful and efficient as any other. Hence our creation, Eco-Bru. We boast unbeatable customer satisfaction, so should you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact us. Let's save the planet one brush at a time.

How to make a Purchase:


To purchase any of our products, please follow the link to our shop. All orders over £20 qualify for free delivery. If you are looking for a large order, a trade / wholesale enquiry or would like any more information, please fill out your information below. We will get back to you ASAP.


Eco-Bru Ltd is sold by a variety of retailers within the UK and Europe. We supply luxury beauty, wellness, fashion, whole food, butchers and gift stores large and small as well as luxury Spas.



We are available Monday-Friday between 9.30am and 5.30pm GMT at, please do contact us to request our latest brochure and trade prices.

We are also very happy to arrange a buyers or telephone meeting at your convenience.

We do like to get a feel for potential new customers so that we can assist you in the best possible way therefore when you send an enquiry please do tell us a little bit about your business, your ethos, brands you stock and send a link or a picture of your store if you can.



We take orders throughout the year and most stock orders can be dispatched within 3-5 working days.

We work with reputable delivery companies to ensure all orders are delivered safely, securely and timely and carbon neutral where possible. To keep you updated, we will always send you tracking information and of course, let you know if there are any delays. You can also use your own shipping methods if you wish.

UK deliveries are charged at a flat rate. All other deliveries are charged according to weight and dimensions.



Eco-Bru Ltd are pleased to work with companies to produce bespoke or dual branded products for retail or gifting purposes. We work closely with our SGS certified manufacturers to get you the best possible quality, design and finish.

Please email with your specification and quantity required so that we can discuss your requirements and the possibilities available.

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